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Hyderabad certainly has much to offer - from delicious food to a fairly active commercial culture. It’s the expenses though, that can often add up to large numbers. But while expenses may be going up in the city of Hyderabad, interest rates on personal loans are not. If you’re looking to enjoy Hyderabad in its true glory, or even make broader purchases unfiltered and unrestricted, EarlySalary offers quick personal loans in Hyderabad to meet all your expenses. Featuring an entirely digital process that you can complete from your smartphone, EarlySalary is the best online personal loan app for your needs.Plus, the affordable interest rates make it a far more compelling option than any other.

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Looking for a Personal loan in Hyderabad?

The city of Pearls - Hyderabad always had an entrepreneurial spirit in its people. This doesn’t apply only to its business folks. The spirit is omnipresent across professions in the city, with salaried professionals always looking to build financial stability, add value to their lives, and meet all their expenses without compromise. Of course, chasing all this and more comes with the risk of a financial crisis as well.

And this can be particularly difficult in Hyderabad, where the city offers so much to experience. EarlySalary is at your service for exactly these needs - with personal loans in Hyderabad, packed with instant approvals, no prepayment charges, and low interest rates. Now, you can borrow money using a personal loan online for up to Rs. 5,00,000, right from your smartphone.

How to Apply for Personal Loan

Not just cash, you can use your EarlySalary limit to do more.

How to Apply for Personal Loan - EarlySalary

How to Apply for Personal Loan

Not just cash, you can use your EarlySalary limit to do more.

Click “Start your Application” Button

Fill the information required

After approval , we’ll ask you to complete your KYC documentation online.

No annual or renewal fees

Prepay anytime at no extra cost

How to Apply for Personal Loan - EarlySalary

Eligibility for personal loan

Must be a Salaried-employee with in hand salary ₹ 18,000 (Metro Cities) & 15,000 for (Non-Metros)

Must Be above 21 years & Below 55 years of age

Must be a resident of India

Document Required

Pan Card

Address Proof

ID Proof

3 Month Salary Slip ( PDF) - Not mandatory for all customer

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Skip the manual calculations. Use the EarlySalary EMI Calculator to accurately determine your repayment amounts, interest charges, and more.

EarlySalary's personal loan EMI calculator is your reliable tool to determine your loan EMI in just a few minutes and some simple steps. EarlySalary offers personal loan of up to Rs 5 lakhs with minimal documentation and quick processing. Coupled with interest rates as low as Rs 9/day, this is by far your most compelling credit option in the market. Calculate your monthly repayments based on your sanctioned loan amount and interest rates using this handy EMI calculator that's operate and easy to understand. With EarlySalary, you can even prepay your loan amount with no additional charges.

Your EMI Amount is



Loan Amount






Interest rate




Select EMI option

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