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Your Salary Card comes with interest-free benefits, ZERO subscription fees, ZERO annual charges, or ZERO renewal fees to ease your finance

What is SalaryCard?

Here's a digital card for the digital age. Give your salary the upgrade you've always desired, with the fastest process & the smartest features: get dynamic limits, enjoy flexible tenure options, shop on EMIs on any merchant, save up to ₹ 12000 round the year, all on ZERO subscription fees, ZERO annual charges or ZERO renewal fees.

Introducing SalaryCard

Not just cash, you can use your EarlySalary limit to do more

Get a SalaryCard in Few minutes

Download the EarlySalary app

Click on SalaryCard tab

Answer a few basic questions

Complete KYC with OTP consent

Setup passcode to activate the card

How is a SalaryCard better than a Credit Card?

SalaryCardCredit Card
 Power of EMI●  Choose preferred tenure at no EMI conversion processing fee●  The cost involved to convert any transaction into EMI
 Any amount into EMI●  Convert any transaction above Rs. 500 into EMIs●  Only transactions above Rs. 3,000 can be converted into EMIs
 GST Treatment●  No GST on SalaryCard EMI●  GST charged on the interest of EMI transactions
 Approval●  Get your virtual card within minutes●  Takes up to 14 days to get your card
 Interest Rate●  Repay your entire transaction amount on or before 1st EMI & pay zero interest●  Significantly higher interest rates.
 Impact on bureau score●  Using 100% of the limit & repaying on time boosts your credit score●  Using more than 30% of your credit card limit impacts your score negatively

What More About SalaryCard?

Of India, For India, By India.

The SalaryCard instantly activates and is available for transactions on the EarlySalary app.

All charges are a grand total of zero - processing fees, subscription fees, renewal fees, and annual fees.

Save up to INR 12,000 round the year with offers on all major fashion, travel, shopping, medical portals

No additional cost to convert your card transactions into EMI.

Offers an interest-free period of up to 51 days, where you repay the amount without ANY CHARGES

Unlike any other traditional card, you can utilize your 100% limit without worrying about your credit score.

Don’t worry if you miss your EMI. We are here to remind you every time between the end of the billing date to the 1st EMI due date


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