Travel Unrestricted,

With EarlySalary's Travel EMIs

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a holiday you’d been planning for months, travel isn’t just enriching, it’s also a much needed break from work. If only our bank accounts would agree, though. While travelling is often satisfying, it can also be expensive, or at the very least, heavy on our budget. Fortunately for us - EarlySalary is here to help with instant travel EMIs.

Travel Now, Pay Later

Effortlessly use your EarlySalary limit for your travel plans. Its no cost EMIs and partnerships with India’s leading travel agencies - MakeMyTrip, make it easier than ever to plan your dream vacation.

No cost EMIs on travel loans, along with direct integration with payment gateways culminate in a travel planning experience that is easy, convenient, and fun!

Our Travel Partners

Integration at checkout with our travel partners allows you to pay for your vacation right from MakeMyTrip . You can even pay in 3 or 6 EMIs at a nominal charge. No more missing out on a family vacation or a college reunion.

Travel On MakeMyTrip

Use your EarlySalary limit to shop on Amazon and pay in low cost 3 EMIs & affordable 6 EMIs.

Travel On MakeMyTrip

Use your EarlySalary limit to book your travel on MakeMyTrip and pay in low cost or 3 or 6 EMIs.

How to book your travel using MakeMyTrip?

How to book your travel using MakeMyTrip?


Apply for MakeMyTrip Vouchers -

Once approved, select MakeMyTrip as an option to get vouchers instantly.


Select EMI option

Select from 3 or 6 EMis as repayment options


Book your travel on MakeMyTrip

Use the vouchers to book your travel on MakeMyTrip.

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