The Art of Finding and Retaining Top Talent

The top talent of a company sets the tone for its entire workforce. They are the flag bearers for their organisation’s work culture and customer service. The essence of improving specific contributions, operations or revenues lies in finding and retaining the top talents who in turn, amplify the organisation’s mission. Organisations that recognize their team members are likely to enjoy higher team morale, lower attrition and better engagement. In this post, we discuss the art of finding the best talent and retaining employees with unique contributions.  

1. Onboarding Top Talent

The key to finding talent begins with an interview that unfolds the strengths and the blind spots of candidates. You can judge a candidate’s skills, knowledge, attitude and adaptability required to succeed in an organisation by using different interview presentation styles. You may want to pick those who objectively disclose their weaknesses and are open to evaluating new options. As most HR experts would agree, open-ended questions about their career choices help evaluate their motivations and enthusiasm.

Another way to understand a candidate’s capabilities is via critical thinking and estimation of their contributive value in previous organisations or job profiles. Understand the job requirements from the leader’s perspective. Authenticate what a candidate can do, pick up non-verbal cues like their demeanour, tone, interpersonal connect and his or her communications skills. Ask a candidate to explain the what, why and how of their projects and what they would do differently to provide a solid ground for ongoing projects.

There is a need to check one’s approach to routine operations and if they follow instructions. Use logic, consensus building and assess their core values like resilience and integrity. Top leaders need different thinking to build a company that thrives through the new age of global competition. Throw them a curveball and assess how they react in untoward circumstances and assess if they would be supportive of the organization in tough times.

2. Retaining Top Talent

Talent retention is the biggest factor that can affect a multitude of facets in an organisation. This includes brand value, turnover, costs, and a lot more. The biggest challenge in retaining top talent in today’s time lies in managing talent across generations.

Different generations have different attributes which make them unique and important. The oldest generation has the maximum influence on the work environment and business. They are the ones who render critical organizational memory and stand as pillars of stability and continuity.

The baby-boomers are the next crop of top talent. They would be responsible for strategy, policy and new organizational initiatives for growth and expansion after the oldest generation departs. This is the generation that is now opting out of the labour force to enjoy early retirement.

As an HR manager, it is important to be aware of the strengths and values of all generations as each brings a different perspective to your organization. While they all have different motivators, there are some core factors that are common to all. They all need more opportunities to diversify their skill set, expand their learning curve, schemes that aid in financial wellness. They also need a positive work culture where they are heard and where they find value.

Increase your top talent’s involvement in future strategies on a privileged basis. Share information that matters to the organisation’s financial wealth and maintains transparency. Allow your top talent to take positions in a system in which raises, promotions, and the like happen to the people who deserve them. Performance linked projects and strategic shifts go a long way in not just retaining talent but also improving engagement at all levels.

3. Your Organisation Is In Your Hands

All employers must embrace top talent as top responsibilities. They impact an organization’s stakeholders and shareholders and lead it into the future. You can waste weeks and crores of rupees with turnovers. Hence, by perfecting the art of finding and retaining top talent, you can increase your profit margins, invest in leadership development and write your organisation’s future growth story.

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