I have a Credit Card, Should I Apply For The EarlySalary Salary Card?


23 February 2022

I have a Credit Card, Should I Apply For The EarlySalary Salary Card?

With the entire world rushing full speed towards digitisation, all parts of the economy have been revolutionised and the banking sector is not untouched by this either. With the growth in the fintech sector, access to credit has increasingly become easier for everyone. One of the major changes in the recent past with regards to easy access to credit, is the growing usage of digital cards. In fact, according to a report by Juniper Research in 2019, it was observed that the use of such cards is expected to grow at an exponential rate i.e., as much as 90% through the next few years with the net usage surpassing $1 trillion by the year 2022. The use of such cards has seen a further surge due to the impetus given for digitisation by the Indian government and The COVID 19 outbreak where all the online transactions have exponentially increased. 
In light of the changed economic paradigm, We, at EarlySalary have resolved to make your access to credit easier, especially for the Salaried professionals. That brought us to envisage our latest product, the EarlySalary All-New Salary Card. 

What exactly is the EarlySalary Salary Card?  

Our latest offering, the EarlySalary Salary Card, is a no-hassle zero-touch digital card, specially made for salaried professionals so that they meet all their big and small credit needs without any hassle. 

The Salary Card is powered by RuPay and helps the intended users make instant purchases across all online merchants like Flipkart, Amazon, et al, without having to worry about present budget issues. 

Why EarlySalary Salary Card?


The EarlySalary is not just your normal, run-of-the-mill Credit card. It is the next step in the banking sector to make credit easily accessible for all. These Salary cards are focusing especially on the salaried professional because not only do they constitute a huge proportion of the total workforce in the Indian Economy (almost 23% in the year 2017, net figure around 2.62 crores), they also are actively involved in online shopping. These Salary Cards afford these consumers a lot of flexibility, from setting up your own credit limit, buying things on an EMI basis, or even setting up an upper limit of spending on a particular kind of need or expense.

There are several accounts on which the EarlySalary Salary Card is superior to conventional Credit cards to meet your credit requirements. Some of the most praiseworthy advantages of the EarlySalary Salary Card are: 

  • Offers you a higher credit limit, linked to your salary amount. By using the Salary card you can use up to 4 times your EarlySalary credit limit.
  •  You can break up any transaction for more than Rs. 3000 into EMIs for easier repayment. It offers the option of breaking down your repayment into 3 to 12 EMIs and there is no prepayment charge as well.  
  • Offers you a zero-touch digital credit solution. There is no hassle of maintaining and carrying a physical card and makes its use much more convenient. This is especially a benefit in light of the COVID 19 pandemic where the use of such physical cards can act as a medium for the exchange and spread of the virus. 
  • A plethora of tie-ups with online vendors, educational firms, and health services to make the use of the  Salary Card more feasible. 
  • Very easy to activate the Salary Card while sitting comfortably at home. The whole process to activate the Salary Card is hassle-free and extremely quick. 
  • The eligibility criteria are very basic, making it easily accessible to all. Any salaried individual with a minimum salary of Rs. 18,000 in the Metro Cities and Rs. 15,000 in the Non-metro cities are eligible to apply for the Salary Card. 

So, do not wait up and apply for the Salary Card today to put an end to all your month-end money woes. So, get started on the EarlySalary experience now!

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