How Instant Loan Help to Fulfill Your Financial Needs in this Lockdown

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31 March 2022

How Instant Loan Help to Fulfill Your Financial Needs in this Lockdown

Just when you think everything is coming back to normal, the dice seem to have been rolled again. After the first wave of the pandemic, people were hoping for some semblance of normalcy. But with the coming of the second wave and an expectation of subsequent waves, it seems this is the new normal. Right as the economy began to recover from 2020, the pandemic raged again with many states going back under lockdown. Even if some states do not have a lockdown protocol in place, the situation necessitates a de-facto lockdown with social-distancing measures.

The question of being able to handle sudden financial emergencies or urgent expenses arises in these situations. The answer to that question is the availability of online instant loans. There are several benefits of availing of an online loan and the pandemic has reinforced that.

  • No contact: The very statement which has been propagated and reinvigorated several times over in this pandemic i.e. social distancing. Online loans mean there will be a lack of any kind of physical contact. Everything takes place online, from document verification to loan disbursal. The process has eased the lives of people worrying about going out to get their finances in order. You have the opportunity to get an instant loan from a place sitting anywhere in the world from any device.
  • Instant loan: Time is money. And when you are already short on your funds or in an emergency, you wouldn’t want to wait for more time and spend more of your money. If it were a physical bank or NBFC, your loan disbursal processing might take days. But with online loans, it’s just a matter of a few minutes.
  • Availability of better rates: Online loan lenders don’t have the kind of overheads that other physical banks, credit unions, or NBFCs have. Further, the regulatory costs are low too. Since online lenders have lesser upkeep and maintenance costs, they can afford to provide you with instant loans at much better rates. With the pandemic rattling everyone’s finances, who wouldn’t want to avail cash loans at lesser rates and save their money?
  • Flexibility: You wish to spend that loan on an upcoming wedding or pay your pending bills? You can do anything with that, as no questions are asked when you are looking for an instant personal cash loan. Further, most of the online loans are unsecured, which means that there is no need to pledge any kind of collateral before you’re authorized for the cash loan.
  • Easy application and approval: The process is extremely easy, you can have an instant loan online by just logging into the online app or website and providing your ID and bank account details. Further, it is also transparent and secure which ensures your data is safe. With online cash loans, approval rates are higher and easier as the lender doesn’t just reject you based on your credit score but also looks at other factors to determine your creditworthiness. Also as the whole process is online, the best and advanced algorithms are employed to eliminate the possibility of frauds while maintaining the efficiency of the platforms.

Benefits of Applying for Immediate Cash Loans
Why You Should Use An Online Loan App For Your Finance Requirements

EarlySalary is your one-stop solution for your financial needs. From paying for an impromptu vacation to paying bills in a short time, EarlySalary has got you covered. You can avail of instant loans up to Rs 5, 00,000 with a repayment period of up to 24 months. The fund transfer is directly into your bank accounts and no prepayment charges to worry about.

How to Avail Instant Loan From EarlySalary

  • You can simply download the EarlySalary app on your Android or iOS device or directly log onto the website.
  • Please check the eligibility criteria before applying for the loan. 
  • You are required to register on EarlySalary, fill in basic details and get instant approval once your KYC documents are uploaded on the app.
  • Once your KYC is verified, select the amount of cash you want to transfer to your bank account. Voila, your money gets transferred instantly.

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